Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Granny Stitch Cardigan - Crochet Pattern

Designed and written by Patty Kubitzki


Expect to be complimented and admired when you wear this distinctive cardigan out in public. Just two granny stitch hexagons form the body and sleeves so it works up fast. Complete directions explain how to make and connect the pieces and customize the garment by adding extra length, borders and trim. Information given on how to adjust for different sizes. Details given for Adult size L/XL.
$4.50 for PDF instant download pattern
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Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Happy 1st of the Month ~ Update Financial Balances!

It is so important to be fiscally responsible. Here is a system I use to keep me aware of how I am doing.

This is one of the systems I have to track where I am financially. I use Excel and list Cash at the top, listing cash on hand (at home) and each bank, credit union, or any other accounts with funds that can be easily withdrawn. Total the Cash.

Below that I list all Reserve accounts; Investment holdings, retirement accounts, etc. and Total the Reserves.

Then add those 2 totals for Total Liquidity.

Below that list approximate value of other items that could be liquidated easily; such as precious metals or foreign currency. This is more for reference and not included in totals.

Now list the balances of all outstanding debts; credit cards, mortgage, car, student or other loans. Total Debt. Then subtract the Total Debt from the Total Liquidity and you have Your Net.

This little exercise will give you a general overview of how you are doing each month.

I hope you will give it consideration or let me know if you have another way to do it.