Saturday, October 3, 2009

A stock BUY to consider

Hi all,

I rarely recommend buying stocks. As you can tell from this website, my main focus is Forex trading.

However . . .

My penny stock is on the move and I believe it is a great buying opportunity for a while. Please consider checking out IDenta, ticker IDTA.PK

IDenta website:
PinkSheets website:, symbol:

I have personally owned this stock a few years and recently doubled my holdings.

Here's why . . .

This is a solid company creating and selling explosives and drug testing kits with no false positives.

In the past few years they have gotten contracts from various military and law enforcement groups from around the globe. In a recent news release they disclosed that they have signed up to sell products via WalMart, Walgreens, CVS Pharmacy, Rite Aid and more here in the USA and in France. This news release triggered solid upward momentum in the stock. My guess is that this stock is still in its infancy with much more notice coming when products arrive in the stores and they in turn start advertising them.

Be sure to read the New Releases on the above mentioned sites. Most recent to-date is 9/29/09 regarding IDenta's successful meeting with the UNODC - United Nations Office on Drug and Crime.

As with any stock, movement is not in a straight line. Yet higher highs and higher lows indicate direction.

to your success,
Patty Kubitzki