Sunday, October 28, 2018

Crochet Container Cover Free Pattern

Upcycle your empty orange juice container and make it into a decorative container for a potted plant or other what nots.

Yarn: Caron One Pound or Caron Simply Soft or similar
Crochet Hook size N and J
Size: 5.25" tall and top opening is 4" square

When I first discovered this stitch pattern I liked it so much I wanted to design something with it. But it comes with a limitation, and that is that it only works when done in the round. So for this application it is perfect!

One other note: I crochet left-handed. When you follow any of my pattern directions, that won't be an issue but the stitches will look reversed.

Wash juice container and remove the labels. If a sticky residue is still remaining, don't worry about it. It will just keep the crochet cover in place. With a marker draw a horizontal line around the container at 5.25" up from the bottom. Cut on the line with exacto knife or scissors.

Beg ch: With J hook, ch 30, join with sl st.
Rnd 1: ch 1, hdc in each ch around. Don't join and don't turn throughout the pattern.

Change to N Hook for the rest of the pattern.
Rnd 2: *(sc, dc) in next st, sk 1 st; rep from * around.

Rnds 3 - 9: rep Rnd 2.

Fasten off with a long tail.

Use a regular 1 hole paper punch and punch holes through the top of the container 3/4" apart. Using the yarn tail, whip stitch sew around the top of the container catching in the top edge of the cover. Go around the top 2 times. Hide end of yarn and fasten off.

Easy Free Crochet Leg Warmer Pattern

Colder weather is setting in and this year I decided to add some leg warmers to the slippers and socks I made last year. (Check them out at THIS LINK and also at THIS LINK. If my calves are cold then my feet get cold too.

This pattern can easily be changed to any height or diameter.

Yarn: Caron Jumbo in Dalmation
Size: Adult XL, 13" in length, meant to just cover the leg below the knee
Crochet hook size I (use J for beg. ch)

Row 1: With J hook, ch 47. Change to I hook; dc in 4th ch from hook and next 19 ch; hdc to end.

Work in Back Loop Only now through the rest of the pattern.
Row 2: Ch 2, turn. Hdc on hdc sts and dc on dc sts.

Row 3: ch 3, turn. work dc on dc sts and hdc on hdc sts.

Rows 4 - 27 (or your desired size; I worked the piece so it fit snugly around my calf then added 2 more rows to allow for clothing): Repeat Rows 2 and 3 in sequence.

Fasten off and whip stitch the first and last rows together.

Elastic around the top edge: cut 4 strands of thin sewable type elastic about 18" long and weave through the top edge and tie ends together.

Friday, October 26, 2018

Yo-Yo Clown Machine Knitting Pattern

These Yo-Yo Clowns are ready to celebrate Halloween and welcome in the holiday season. Aren't they cute?!

Maybe you remember the Yo-Yo Clown dolls made from gathered circles of fabric strung together to form the body, arms and legs. That was the inspiration behind this doll pattern. But these yo-yo's are a long spiral, easily made on either the standard gauge or bulky knitting machine. Even the head base and the hair are made on the knitting machine.

Learn more about how you can get this pattern and the darling face at THIS LINK on the website.

Sunday, October 21, 2018

Squirrel Away Crochet Net for Potted Plant

Recently I got this Sweet Bay Magnolia plant and wanted to keep it potted on my deck. As cooler weather is setting in a squirrel has decided to bury nuts in my deck plants. I guess he thinks they will be easy to find them later. Plus the dirt is so easy to dig in.

Well after Mr. Squirrel broke off a couple new starts of the plant near the base I decided it was time to take action. So this netting is hopefully an answer to solve the problem..time will tell.

The yarn used is I Love This Cotton, Copper Spice. The hook is size G and it fits a 16" diameter pot.

The pattern is basically made like a Christmas tree skirt with an opening to drape the piece around the plant. Then I just laced the 2 edges together and took a long doubled piece of yarn to weave through the last rows of mesh, pull it tight to gather and secure the piece and tie it off. Adjust pattern as you need to in the beginning number of chains and number of rows.

Row 1: ch 30. Dc in 4th ch from hook. Ch 1, sk 1 ch, dc in next ch.
Step A - ch 1, sk 1 ch, (dc, ch 1, dc) in next ch
Step B - (ch 1, sk 1 ch, dc in next ch) 3x
Repeat Step A, then Step B for 2 more times.

Row 2: ch 4, turn. Dc in same st. Repeat (ch1, dc) mesh to ch 1 sp increase on previous row. Then work in that ch 1 sp (ch 1, dc, ch 1, dc, ch 1). Note, you will also work the dc st on each side of the ch 1 sp. At the end of the row work an increase (dc, ch 1, dc) in top of turning ch.

Row 3 - 6: Repeat Row 2.

Row 7: On this row you will continue the same previous increases but also make an increase in the middle of each area; basically having 6 regular mesh dc sts between each increase.

Rows 8 - 10: ch 4, turn. Continue working mesh pattern and working an increase on the center ch 1 sp of each previous increase.

Fasten off. Weave in ends. Drape around plant. Take a length of yarn and lace the 2 open edges together. Then take a doubled length of yarn and weave over and under 2 meshes at a time around the outside perimeter of the net. Draw it up tight and tie off.

Thursday, June 28, 2018

Madeline Flower Pillow - Free Crochet Pattern

Difficulty Level: Intermediate
Size: approximately 16” in diameter
Yarn: Red Heart Super Saver - Soft White
Hook Size: J and I
Other supplies needed:
16” Round Pillow Form
16” Zipper

Abbreviations and Terms Used:
beg = beginning; ch(s) = chain; blo = back loop only; dc = double crochet; ea = each; hdc = half double crochet; rem = remaining; rep = repeat; sc =single crochet; sk = skip; sl st = slip stitch; sp = space; st(s) = stitch(stitches)

Pattern Notes:
Make front and back ending with 1 round of even dc then add a zipper to insert pillow where the 2 halves meet.

Petal side of pillow
Part 1 of pattern –

Part 2 of pattern
Her pattern is to do a rug but I decided to make a pillow.

With J hook, work through her instructions through Round 12 with Petals.

Change to I hook
Round 13: in BLO: 2dc in 1st st, (dc in next 8 sts, 2 dc in next st) rep ( ) around, joining with sl st to bl of 1st dc. Round 14: ch 3, do not turn. Work even with dc around on BLO.
Join and fasten off. 115 sts

Shell Pattern side of pillow

Using the I hook
Make magic ring,
Rnd 1: Ch 3, work 11 dc, join
Rnd 2: ch3, 2 dc in each st; 24 sts
Rnd 3: ch 3,( 2dc, 1dc) around, join; 36 sts
Rnd 4: ch 3, (2dc in next st, dc in next 2 sts) rep around, join; 48 sts

Start design
Rnd 5: ch 3, (2dc in next st, dc in next st) rep around, join
Rnd 6: fpdc on post of ch from last rnd, (in the center of the next 2 dc work (dc, ch 1, dc), fpdc in next dc ) rep ( ) around, join.
Rnd 7: ch 3, (in the ch 1 center of the next shell work (dc, ch 1, dc), fpdc in next dc ) rep ( ) around, join around the ch 3 post.
Rnd 8: ch 3, (in the ch 1 center of the next shell work (2dc, ch 1, 2dc), fpdc in next dc ) rep ( ) around, join around the ch 3 post.
Rnd 9: rep Rnd 8.
Rnd 10: ch 3, (in the ch 1 center of the next shell work (3dc, ch 1, 3dc), fpdc in next dc ) rep ( ) around, join around the ch 3 post.
Rnd 11: rep Rnd 10.
Rnd 12: ch 3, ( in the 7 st shell working ea st in blo, work dc, hdc, sc, sl st, sc, hdc, dc; fpdc on fpdc) rep ( ) around.
Rnd 13: ch 3, do not turn . Work in BLO: dc in next st, dc next 2 sts tog (insert hook in 1st st and pull thru a loop, insert hook in 2nd st and pull thru a loop, yo and pull thru 2 loops, yo and pull thru rem loops) rep ( ) around; reducing sts to 127.
When attaching the 2 sides you will need to reduce the number of stitches on this side by 12 sts. So every 10th st, sk a st when sl st-ing the seam.

Flower for center of this side of pillow: I had to whip stitch some extra yarn in the center to make it fuller.

Attach flower to center of shell pattern side.
Weave in all ends.
With right sides facing, sl st a few inches of the side seam.
Open up the pillow and working from the right side, pin the zipper in place on the petal side with the end of the zipper meeting where you started the sl sts.
Using needle and thread whip st this side of the zipper.
Pin zipper to shell pattern side gathering up the sts slightly so that 11 sts match 10 sts on the petal side.
Using needle and thread whip st this side of the zipper.
It is recommended to use a sewing machine to securely attach the zipper of each side.
Use a zig-zag stitch, width 4.5 length 2.0
Open zipper and turn pieces so right sides are facing.
Finish sl st-ing around the outside remembering to sk each 11th st on the shell side.
Fasten off and weave in end.
Turn pillow right side out.
Insert pillow form and close the zipper.

Smile! You did it!!!

Monday, April 9, 2018

No Bake Cherry Cream Cheese Pie Recipe

Your guests will ooo and ahhh when you serve them this dessert. And trust me, it will disappear fast!

It makes up quickly and needs no baking. The cream cheese filling is the only thing you mix up, as the crust and topping come straight from the store.

1 graham cracker pie crust
1 can of fruit pie filling; cherry, blueberry or apple
8 oz. cream cheese, softened if not mixing with Cruisinart style processor
1 c. powdered sugar (unsifted)
2 c. whipped topping; i.e. Cool Whip
1/2 t. vanilla extract

Beat or blend together the cream cheese and the powdered sugar. Then fold in the whipped topping and vanilla. Pour into the pie crust. Then top with the fruit pie filling. Refrigerate several hours or overnight before serving.

Options: Try drizzling liquid chocolate over the top or chocolate curls. Try using an Oreo cookie crust instead of the graham cracker crust. Try using fresh strawberries and strawberry glaze instead of the fruit pie filling.


Thursday, March 29, 2018

Bulky HDC Afghan - FREE Crochet Pattern

A FREE Pattern, Designed and Written by Patty Kubitzki
Yarn: Caron One Pound, 2 strands held together, about 3 pounds
Hook: size P (11.50 mm)
Stitch pattern: HDC (half double crochet) worked in back loop only
Size: 70" (92") long x 45" wide

Top Off White afghan is 1 strand of White and 1 strand of Off White
White afghan is 2 White strands held together
Black afghan is 1 strand of Black and 1 strand of Dark Gray Mix

Row 1: Ch 110 (145) sts loosely. HDC in 3rd ch from hook and ea. ch to end.
Row 2 – 50: Ch 2, turn. HDC in ea. st working in back loop only to end.
Fasten off and weave in ends.
No border, edging or blocking is needed.