Saturday, November 27, 2010

Currency Trader November Issue

Free Download Available for the November 2010 issue of Currency Trader magazine HERE.

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2011 Options Expiration Calendar Posted

The Options Expiration Calendar for 2011 has been uploaded to the site. The PDF download is located on the Forex Home page. Click HERE.

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FX News Data XLS Updated

The FX News Data XLS file has been updated with events logged through 12/4/10.
To download the free file go to the Forex Home tab and look under 'Education'.

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Sunday, November 7, 2010

Using ForexFactory Calendar, DST ended

The US went off daylight savings time this past weekend. This slightly impacts how we pull the data from for event filtering.

When I pull ForexFactory econ calendar now I changed the DST setting to DST OFF. I am still selecting the same Time zones as previously to get the correct times for local and FXDD server.

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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Forex Statements from your Broker - Warning!

This is a heads up message to all traders.

The brokers are required to send daily statements out to traders. It is easy to assume all is OK and not verify balances (or review the statements) but recently a big broker (FXDD) had some 'problems with statements' and they came out with incorrect balances..of course less than what the MT4 platform showed.

Bottom line..please be sure to look at those statements if you can twice a week to verify the balance matches your MT4 platform balance. There should not be a difference. If so, contact your broker immediately and demand they correct it.

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Forex EA Review Sites - Pros and Cons

Many Forex traders count on the Forex Software review sites to determine if a specific system or Expert Advisor is worth buying. Unfortunately the reviews on some of the sites are tainted and Forex Traders using these sites should be aware of what could be going on behind the scenes.

Being one that is offering systems and EAs for sale, we are occasionally contacted by those stating they have a review site and asking us to provide them with free software to test. Here is how I usually reply to such requests:

We don't offer free product for those wanting to test or consider promoting our products. We do offer referral fees to clients, but not 'affiliate sales'. Our EAs are not on Plimus, ClickBank or other similar service. PipMania does have a link to the live data feed, so potential buyers should be ok with that..other than they might trust a review site over our testing. One of the main concerns about other people testing our EAs, especially if they are just given the EA, is that they likely won't read the entire guide and follow the recommended trading rules. Though there are some runs that can be set up to run non-stop, we found the best success comes with filtering events. Most of our EAs work that way. Clients are advised to review the upcoming news for the week each weekend to determine the trade times for the EA. PipMania can be set up at the beginning of the week and left to run non-stop. Paradise and Trumpeter can also be set up that way. But many testers, typically don't want to fuss with this so they will likely not have as good of results which could possibly give the EAs a poor review.

We are here to work with clients to give them any assistance they require to get them seeing consistent success. Because we don't do affiliate sales, so to speak, our client base is small and it allows us to give better service. Most clients only need help in the beginning, or prior to purchase.

A site that seems to allow honest reviews: Forex Peace Army.
You can read our reviews at this link:

Sites that have removed favorable posts from our clients: Forex Factory
The posts can still be read here but have been moved to Recycle Bin:

Another site where a client posted favorable reviews and they were removed and the client was banned from posting: the forum at
Here is the thread, but like I said our client's posts were removed (apparently they weren't happy that we didn't give them free product):

We hope you find this information helpful.