Friday, January 11, 2013

Grab Photoshop and CS2 For Absolutely Free Right Here

Adobe's giving us all a late Christmas present. You can grab yourself a free, legitimate copy of Photoshop and the rest of the Creative Suite 2, right now, direct from Adobe. No catch.

Well, unless you think having an Adobe account is a catch. Anyway, apparently Adobe's tired of keeping the activation servers running to support legitimate installs of the 10-year-old CS2, so it's decided to just give it away. Sounds great to me.

Handy if all you need is a quick image editor, Photoshop CS2 will still do all the basic things, just not the new fancy smart ‘content aware‘ stuff. Free's free, so get over to and get downloading.

Update:The install for Mac is actually for Power PC devices, so you'll need Mac OS X v.10.2.8–v.10.3.8 or Rosetta to get it working.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

FX News Data XLS Updated

The FX News Data XLS file has been updated with events logged from 8/1/05 through 1/19/2013. This file is a list of the main economic events that impacted market movement. This is especially helpful when analyzing data and results from back testing a trading strategy. To download the free file go to the Forex Home tab and look under 'Education'. To Your Success

Currency Trader Magazine January 2013 Issue Free

Free Download Available for the latest issue of Currency Trader magazine at Just sign up on the Subscribe button on the left if you haven't already. It's a great ezine on Currency Trading that comes free each month. Enjoy!