Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Banks are giving away money >> CASH IN NOW!

Greetings to my internet friends,

Yep, you read it right and this is no hype or come on.
This is legit, the REAL deal and I don’t want you to miss
out on this.

When I first heard about this I thought, man, banks
must either be desperate or in such bad shape that they
are offering an incredible CASH BONUS to open an
account with them. And I blew it off!

I thought, I don’t trust banks. These are the guys that
created the financial mess the whole world is now trying
to get out of. Yes, banks are FDIC insured but I had still
black-listed them and decided my money was safer in
local credit unions that pay better interest, are federally
insured and don’t make toxic loans.

Finally, I woke up, wised up and started cashing in on this
limited time offer.

Several banks and credit unions are currently offering
$50 - $100 or more to a new customer who opens an
account with them and follows their few rules to get the
CASH BONUS. Most offers allow you to open the account
online within minutes and the funding requirement can be
as low as $100 or just a few hundred dollars, yet they will
pay you $100 in as little as 30 days.
Terms and conditions vary between institutions.

I have personally taken advantage of several of these offers.
This is the only way I know of to get some benefit from these
places that are paying such lousy interest on deposits.

What would YOU do with a few hundred dollars more?

Please share this with your friends so they can CASH IN too!

Hurry, these offers expire soon! Some offers are already gone.

to your success,
Patty Kubitzki
~ your guide to empowerment living

Below are the links to the offers. Please verify all offers, terms
and conditions prior to opening and funding an account.

Bank of America: $100 cash bonus
Click here or copy and paste the link below.

Chase Bank: $100 cash bonus
Click here or copy and paste the link below.

Commerce Bank: up to $125 cash bonus
Click here or copy and paste the link below.

Community America Credit Union for those in Kansas City area: $50 for you + $50 for the referrer (me) When you join you can then become a referrer to earn more. Only a few bonuses are allowed. Please email me directly to have the voucher sent to you. Account must be set up at the branch. Direct deposit is required to earn the bonus. My email is

M & I Bank and Wells Fargo Bank are also offering bonuses but you must have received a notice from them in your mail. Watch for these offers in your mail. Don’t just pitch them!

More offers listed here:
Click here or copy and paste the link below.